Try a Dive


Beginner divers sit through a brief, informative and fun lecture of diving safety and generalization of equipment.  On completion of lecture divers are then split into groups no larger than 5 clients per group.  Groups are lead by qualified dive leaders and followed above by two skin divers with life rings, that can attend in seconds to any uncomfortable divers.  Each dive lasts about 25-30mins and at a maximum depth of 5 meters.  Divers can purchase underwater photos cd with all photos of the day and top photos of month, at an extra cost of 10 Euros.

What u can see!

Divers will explore the beautiful waters of Kruzeri reef, whilst supervised by qualified instructors.  Expect to see vast see life of Mediterranean fish, such as Sargos, Tsipoura, Rock fish, Place, Star fish, Sea urchin & many species of Sea sponges.  Expect also to meet our friendly octopuses that can be occasionally handled with care buy instructors, enabling a closer view of these magnificent creatures!


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